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Roulette Bot Pro is a powerful automated roulette compare Roulette Bot Pro to ANY other roulette installed and used the free trial version.

Professional Physics-Based Roulette Systems. Please roulette bot pro version 4 or register. Send this topic Print. Roulette Bot Pro V4. After many months of waiting. Or was that years? Roulette Bot Pro V4 is almost here. Take a look at these V4 screen shots.

Matt has sent me a Pre Release version. I will be doing a video on it soon. Get your copy of V3 http: Tired of losing systems? Learn what really works: Electronic Devices That Beat Roulette. Kindly provide evidence before making such accusations! I market Clickbank products. Have been doing so for sometime. So if you don't like it.

Chrisbis Hero Member Posts: I have never seen an update for it, and my version does not work at BetVoyager nor William Hill. I suspect, tho never tried, that the V3 does not work on the majority of newly programmed casino interfaces I see no point тебя bestes online casino mit paypal Итак mentioning "Get your copy of V3", unless it's a precursor to enable clients of RouletteBotPro to get the V4 as a free roulette bot pro version 4. And if that is the case, you should have mentioned so Tom.

Could you clarify these points please Thomas? Chrisbis on November 19, What you have written is confusing. Either, the software works on a majority of casinos, or it doesn't.

If it doesn't, and you have provided a link for for people to "Get" the version 3, then what is the point? Unless, as I said in my earlier post, it is, so that people get V4 as a free update. I am still waiting for my update to version 4, and I have seen all the videos, and how the new version is meant to operate. May need updating from time to time. But will it be updated or not.

Is up to the person that owns it. As for my previous statement. You may need to read it a more info times. Roulette bot pro version 4 it is completely correct. It may seem confusing. RBP V3 did work on many casinos at the time of its launch. As for why I provided the link to V3. I may have to double check this with Matt.

As I stated in the previous post. The casinos change the layout of the tables. A classic example of this. I recall the coding that went into it. Just to get the table co-ords correct. And now, it looks like any other online live casino table. So V3 that worked on the previous table design of Dublin Bet. No longer works on Dublin bet because of the new table layout. This, as I stated. Has nothing to do with the software.

All because they changed the layout. If you know anything about software. It worked via table co-ords. If a casino updates it table. Or changes anything on the table. The software has to be updated as well.

Some playtech casinos now have double up on the casino table. And may have moved some of the chips. This can in turn stuff up the software. And it may not work on the casino anymore. All because of the table co-ords. Updating the software every time a casino updates the table layout takes time.

First the API that connects to the table window has to be tested. The chip selection has to be tested. The table bets and the co-ords have to be roulette bot pro version 4. So it places the chips on the correct area. Hope that explains that a bit better. So even with the new one released if something changes in casino colours or graphics again how long will it take Tiago to change it again?

You said yourself Thomas he is unreliable so how long will paying customers read more to wait until they can use there software again?? D1 on November 19, Please be advised, that if you purchase V3 of RouletteBotPro in roulette bot pro version 4 attempt to then receive the updated version V4there is NO guarantee that V4 will ever be released, and roulette bot pro version 4, any update downloaded Be rather roulette bot pro version 4 buying a Just retired Space Shuttle, which was designed in the 's, and expecting the latest version to be sent to you as soon as its finished VLS Call me Vic!

ThomasGrant on November 19, The bot also allows you up change it when the casino changes. Stef was a welder. I've done a lot of welding myself. Nothing on the planet is further apart than running a good bead and creating a bot. And he learned English all by himself by playing video games!

He can code anything you want anyway you want it with all of the bells and whistles. Tigao is very good. So are Stef, Normy and Victor.

Nick writes a fine Excel sheet. Superman roulette bot pro version 4 is as good as the rest. What is this all about? What is being sold here? If dogs don't go to heaven, when I die I want to go where dogs go. TwoCatSam on November 19, red casino no deposit, Click here to register

Roulette Bot Pro Download (Free trial) - RBPvexe Roulette bot pro version 4

Roulette Bot Pro is an automated software program and was the first of its kind in early Since its release, several copycat versions have been released of varying roulette bot pro version 4 of quality.

Please keep in mind that Roulette Bot Pro is not to be confused with the similarly named Roulette Bot Plus which is an outright scam. Read about that in our Roulette Bot Plus Review. Both of them are automated bots, meaning they can spin the wheel and play without any input from the player once configured. They look very similar, have similar systems coded into them and both can be used to test systems against real money spins that they can collect without risking any money in Playtech casinos which allow a free spin.

On the plus side, Roulette Bot Pro is capable of working with 10 different casino platforms, including a no zero roulette wheel, albeit at a small online casino where we personally would not recommend playing. It also works on live roulette wheels which is a big plus point. The biggest downside of all though is the same problem that Roulette Assault has — none of the systems programmed into it are effective enough to win at roulette over the long term of play.

The 4 systems that are coded into Roulette Bot Pro are as follows:. This is user configurable and you can set it as aggressive or conservative as you like. Reverse Sleepers — This is almost the opposite of the system above. It waits until a certain part of the wheel has hit for a few spins, and then bet on everything else.

For example, if a Line has hit for 3 spins in a row, please click for source on the other 11 lines. Super Singles — This is basically the same as the system you get from the much hyped Roulette Number software. It bets on a single number using a custom progression roulette bot pro version 4 your choosing.

Complex Math Proportional Probabilities — Quite a mouthful, but easy enough to understand. In short, it roulette bot pro version 4 a real money simulator based on real spins that it collects. It also has an RNG simulator where it generates its own spins in a matter of seconds. If you buy Roulette Bot Pro or any other software program for that matter with the expectation of letting it run to win easy money, you will end up very disappointed indeed.

If you played for a year with ultra cautious settings, you would still probably lose more than you would win. Programs like this should be viewed as testing tools and nothing more. All the user can do is change the wagering and the betting triggers bet on Red after 5 Blacks in a row, or bet on Red after 8 Blacks in a row instead and so on.

Roulette bot pro version 4 cannot program it with their own unique ideas or systems which puts a serious limitation on the software. It does read article a 3 day unlimited free trial which can be accessed without having to surrender any payment information so you can always give it a try.

If you do have a look at the free trial, we would recommend using it only with the real money simulator and roulette bot pro version 4 it for testing purposes only rather than jumping straight into a real money game. They always pay out straight away with no problems. Play at Royal Panda.

The 4 systems that are coded into Roulette Bot Pro are as follows: Conclusion If you buy Roulette Bot Pro or any other software program for that matter with the expectation of letting it run to win easy money, you roulette bot pro version 4 end up very disappointed indeed.

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Sep 12,  · Roulette Bot Pro is a powerful automated roulette betting software that lets users create custom betting systems. Using the software's statistical charts.
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