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Our Programs main component is EFT which is a revolutionary system created by Gary Games 113 that relieves many psychological and lowe spielautomaten forum conditions, including depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, general stress, addictions and phobias.

The basic EFT technique involves holding a seneca casino concerts memory or emotion in mind and simultaneously using the fingers to tap on a series of 12 specific points on the body that correspond to meridians used in Chinese medicine. The theory states that negative emotions are built in the following stages: The contention of EFT is that in order to remove the negative responses, tackling the negative experience is not enough, because doing so cannot correct the energy imbalance.

Rather, the energy imbalance must be restored along with curing the negative emotions. Source phobia is a type of anxiety disorder. It is a strong, irrational fear of something that poses little or no actual danger. There are many specific phobias. Acrophobia is a learn more here of heights.

Agoraphobia is a fear of public places, and claustrophobia is a fear of closed-in places. If you become anxious and extremely self-conscious in everyday social situations, you could have lowe spielautomaten forum social phobia.

Other common phobias involve tunnels, highway driving, water, flying, animals and blood. Smoking is a leading lowe spielautomaten forum of cancer and of death from cancer. It causes cancers of the lung, esophagus, larynx voice boxmouth, throat, kidney, bladder, pancreas, stomach, and cervix, as well as acute myeloid leukemia.

Quitting smoking reduces the risk of cancer and other lowe spielautomaten forum, such as heart disease and lung disease, caused by smoking. People who quit smoking, regardless of their age, are less likely than those who continue to smoke to die from smoking-related illness. Studies have shown that quitting at about age 30 reduces the chance of dying from smoking-related diseases by more than 90 percent. People who quit lowe spielautomaten forum about age 50 reduce their risk of dying prematurely by 50 percent compared with those who continue to smoke.

Even people who quit at about age 60 or older live longer than those who continue to smoke. Chronic pain is complex. Research over the past 25 years has shown that pain is influenced by emotional and social factors. These need to be addressed along with the physical causes of pain. Chronic stress is one factor that contributes to chronic pain.

The good news is that you can get natural pain relief by making relaxation exercises a part of your pain-management plan. Pain and stress have a similar effect on the body: The car misses you and, in time, your system returns to normal. With chronic stress, such as worrying about health or finances, feeling stuck in a bad job or marriageor fearing that lowe spielautomaten forum bad will happen, the nervous system keeps the body on alert. This takes a big toll lowe spielautomaten forum your body.

Levels of lowe spielautomaten forum hormones increase, and muscles remain in a nearly constant state of tension. Studies that measure site-specific muscle tension in patients with chronic back pain have shown that simply thinking click talking about a stressful event dramatically increases tension in back muscles. No meds, surgeries or other medical interventions involved … and you can easily learn this technique from our coaching sessions.

Why such dramatic relief?: EFT aims at two vital causes of pain that are largely outside the medical approach. This is why EFT often works for pain relief where nothing else lowe spielautomaten forum. Cause 1 — Disrupted Subtle Energies: It has long been known that subtle energies circulate throughout our bodies and that the free flow of this energy can be vital to our health.

Interrupt this energy and the result can be pain and disease. Stop it altogether and you may be headed toward death. Eastern health practices have been based on this concept for over 5, years. It should be no surprise, then, that repairing any disruptions in these subtle energies can lead lowe spielautomaten forum symptom and pain relief.

It is a well established medical fact that our emotions trigger varying chemicals in our kleid furs casino. Joyous emotions can produce healing chemicals while negative emotions can create disease causing chemistry into our systems. For lowe spielautomaten forum, you lowe spielautomaten forum be familiar with how stress might contribute to lowe spielautomaten forum or high blood pressure.

We suggest that negative emotions may be a major cause of pain too. We have seen evidence of this repeatedly as pain lowe spielautomaten forum once negative emotions have been addressed with EFT. There are many ways to relieve stress and address the causes of stress in your life, including developing time management skills, taking assertiveness training and others.

Medical research during the last several decades also has proven that simple relaxation techniques can be very effective in the treatment of many conditions and diseases, including:. Every wellness and prevention program should include stress management techniques!

Lowe spielautomaten forum self-care exercises enable you to take care of yourself instead of lowe spielautomaten forum solely on medication or less-than-healthy activities to help ourselves avoid stress, like eating excessively, or drinking lowe spielautomaten forum. Unfortunately, these techniques are often overlooked by our healthcare providers.

The grinding stress lowe spielautomaten forum wears people down day after day and year after year is chronic stress.

It can destroy bodies, minds, and lives. Devoid of hope, you stop searching for solutions. Some chronic stress stems from lowe spielautomaten forum, early childhood experiences that change the brain and become internalized, remaining lowe spielautomaten forum present and lowe spielautomaten forum. These experiences can affect personality profoundly.

You create a belief system or view of the world that causes you constant stress. The worst aspect of chronic stress is that you get used to it.

In the best of all possible worlds, when a stressful situation ends, hormonal signals switch off the stress response, and the body returns to normal. If you tend to harbor anxiety, and you worry about daily events and relationships, your stress response never shuts down. Studies show that long-term activation of stress symptoms can have a hazardous, even lethal effect on your body.

When the signs of stress persist, you are at risk for many health problems that people often do not realize are, in large part, attributable to stress, such as:.

Stress inhibits the immune system, making you more vulnerable to colds, flu, fatigue and infections. It causes digestive problems and can even lead to suicide. For all these reasons, it is important to recognize the symptoms of stress and learn what to do about them. Fortunately, recent years have brought increased societal awareness and a greater understanding of factors that limit and relieve stress. The stress response of the body is meant to protect and support us.

When a physical or mental event threatens this equilibrium, we react to it. Our ancestors responded to stressful ordeals in this fashion. Millions of years lowe spielautomaten forum, when you face a situation that you perceive as challenging, your body automatically goes into overdrive, engaging the stress response. Immediately, you release the same hormones that enabled cave people to move and think faster, hit harder, see better, lowe spielautomaten forum more acutely, and jump higher than they could only seconds earlier.

Like theirs, your heartbeat speeds up; your blood pressure increases; your breathing quickens. Most modern stresses, however, do not call for either fight or flight.

Our experience of stress is generally related to lowe spielautomaten forum we respond to an event, not to the event lowe spielautomaten forum. However, when you feel out of control or under intense pressure, you may experience the physical, emotional, or relational symptoms brought lowe spielautomaten forum by negative stress.

These are the signs of stress that you need to recognize and control. It is important to remain attentive to negative stress symptoms and to learn to identify the situations that evoke them. When these symptoms persist, you are at risk for serious health problems because stress can exhaust your immune system.

Except for major catastrophes, few events are stressful in themselves. Stress arises when you perceive a situation as threatening. For example, your morning commute may make you anxious and tense because you worry that traffic will make you late.

Others, however, may find the trip relaxing because they allow more than enough time and enjoy playing music or listening to books while they drive. Stress is often associated with situations that you find difficult to handle. How you view things also affects your stress level.

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