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Grease is a musical by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey. Named after the please click for source United States working-class youth subculture known as greasersthe musical is set in at fictional Rydell High School based on William Howard Taft School in ChicagoIllinois [1] [2] and follows ten working-class teenagers as they navigate the complexities of peer pressure, politics, personal core values, and love.

The score borrows heavily from the sounds of early rock casino madrid reminds me of you roll. In its original production in Chicago, Casino madrid reminds me of you was a raunchy, raw, aggressive, vulgar show. Subsequent productions sanitized it and tamed it down. Jacobs described the show's basic plot as a subversion of common tropes of s cinema, since the female lead, who in many s films transformed the alpha male into a more sensitive and sympathetic character, is instead drawn into the man's influence and transforms into his fantasy.

Grease was first performed in in the original Kingston Mines nightclub in Chicago since demolished. At the time that it closed inGrease ' s 3,performance run was the longest yet in Broadway historyalthough it was surpassed by A Chorus Line a few years later.

It went on to become a West End hit, a successful feature filmtwo popular Broadway revivals in andand a staple of regional theatresummer stockcommunity theatreand high school and middle school drama groups. Grease was adapted in as a feature film also named Greasewhich removed some plot elements, characters and songs while adding new songs and elaborating on some plot elements only alluded to in the musical. Some of these revisions have been incorporated into revivals of the musical John Farrarwho wrote two of the new songs, is credited alongside Jacobs and Casey for the music in these productions.

A live TV musical used elements from both the original stage version and the film. It ran for eight months. In addition to the "R-rated" profanity and deliberate use of shock valuethe Chicago version of Grease included an almost entirely different songbook, which was shorter and included multiple references to real Chicago landmarks.

The new production, directed by Tom Moore and choreographed by Patricia Birch who later choreographed the film adaptation, and directed the ill-fated sequelopened Off-Broadway at the Eden Theatre in downtown Manhattan on Casino madrid reminds me of you 14, Though Grease opened geographically off-Broadway, it did so under first class Broadway contracts. On June 7,the production moved to the Broadhurst Theatre in Broadwayand on November 21, it moved to the Royale Theatre there, where it ran until January 27, For the five final weeks of the run, the show moved to the larger Majestic Theatre.

By the time it closed on April 13,it casino madrid reminds me of you run 3, performances. Kim Braden would also play Sandy. The revival opened at the Dominion Theatre and transferred to the Cambridge Theatre in Octoberwhere it ran until September 11, The original score includes four songs written for the film adaptation: After twenty previews, a Broadway revival directed and choreographed by Jeff Calhoun opened on May 11, at the Eugene O'Neill Theatrewhere casino madrid reminds me of you ran for 1, performances.

Brooke Shields Rizzo started on the tour in November before joining the Broadway cast. The production, which ran for two years, was directed by Ray DeMattis with choreography by Tony Parise and music direction by Helen Gregory.

A second Broadway revival, directed and casino madrid reminds me of you by Kathleen Marshallbegan previews at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre on July 24, and opened on August 19, You're the One that I Want!

Casino madrid reminds me of you production ended on January 4, after 31 previews and performances.

A West End revival opened at the Piccadilly TheatreLondon on August 8, and ran for nearly four years the read article running show in the Piccadilly Theatre 's history. Thereafter, he reminds about safety instructions before the show begins. American Theater Company artistic director P. Paparelli and Grease co-creator Jim Jacobs staged the restored original version of Grease on Chicago's North Side, starting on April 21, and ending on August 21, to coincide with the fortieth anniversary of the musical's debut.

Procuring the rights to the original music was, for the most part, easy, while certain legal issues were preventing this production from being staged. Despite many nominations and personal wins for performers and designers, this is the first time in the storied history of "Grease" that casino madrid reminds me of you show itself has actually won an award.

After tickets were initially released, the first season playing Brisbane was almost immediately extended due to strong ticket sales. There have been professional productions of Grease in Argentina cast: Inthe Mexican pop band Timbirichestarred in the musical, with Sasha Sokol and Benny Ibarra in the leading roles, getting an overwhelming success.

Also recorded a CD with musical themes Timbiriche Vaselina. The musical was produced by the Mexican actress and producer Julissa. Alvarezamong others. Inthe musical was revived in Toronto by producer Joan Mansfield. It played at the Atlantis Theatre from June 30, — September 2, The show was produced by Mansfield through her own production company, jjazmans productions. During the Madrid run, the singer Julio Iglesias, Jr. The Robert Stigwood Organization adapted Grease into a feature casino madrid reminds me of you wie kann man casino gewinnen entitled Grease indirected by Randal Kleiser and choreographed by Patricia Birchwho had also choreographed the show on Broadway.

In addition to Birch, three performers from the stage version carried over to the cast: Jamie Donnelly reprised her role as Jan, John Travolta performed as lead Danny Zuko while Jeff Conaway played Kenickie, whose character was given a closer friendship to Danny than seen in the musical.

Barry Pearl played a character named Doody that lacked much of the character's distinctive personality. Miss Lynch was rewritten as a double actwith Eve Arden and Dody Goodman playing a principal and vice-principal tandem.

In addition to the removal of the Roger character and specifying Sandy's origins, the film made several other changes to the narrative and gave some unseen characters an on-screen role. Coach Calhoun, only briefly casino grosvenor brighton g new and unnamed in the musical, is portrayed by Sid Caesar.

One prominent addition to the storyline is Craterface's pinks race against Greased Lightnin'. One of the jocks vying for Sandy's attention, again only mentioned briefly in the musical, appears on-screen, portrayed by Lorenzo Lamas. Grease was a major success for both Stigwood and Paramount Pictureswho re-released the film several times; the film soundtrack made international hits out of several of the songs.

Paramount also produced a sequel Grease 2which had no involvement from Jacobs who openly disapproved or Casey and followed a younger class of students at Rydell High Casino madrid reminds me of you. A few supporting characters Frenchy, Eugene, Craterface and most of the school staff reprised their roles, with Birch taking on directing duties in addition to choreography, while Adrian Zmed came over from the stage version.

Grease 2 was both a critical failure and, while barely profitable, a financial disappointment given the high expectations set by the original film. On January 31,in the wake of similar productions that NBC had performed for other musicals, Fox broadcast a live production of Greasecasino madrid reminds me of you as Grease: The musical begins with all of the cast coming to school and getting ready "Grease is the word" and continues with a Rydell High School Class of reunion headed by old maid English teacher, Miss Lynch, who starts off with a recitation of the school anthem "Alma Mater".

Eugene gives a rousing speech, mentioning that the alumni who are missing from the reunion are surely present in-spirit. Suddenly, the greaser gang known as the Burger Palace Boys known in later versions of the production as the "T-Birds" and their auxiliary, the "Pink Ladies", appear and recite their own parody of the Rydell anthem "Alma Mater Parody ". In the Broadway revival, the play begins differently, taking cues from the film adaptation.

Here, we are introduced to Sandy Dumbrowski and Danny Casino madrid reminds me of you spending their last day of summer romance together. Sandy asks her lover Danny, "Is it all over?

Then, as this scene fades away, the other greasers take the stage and sing about their rebellious lifestyle " Grease ". The play fades away into Rydell High's first day of the new school year. There is a new girl at school, Sandy Dumbrowski, who had been unjustly rejected from a Catholic school. She describes to the Pink Ladies Frenchy, Sandy's new neighbor and a sweet but academically struggling aspiring beautician; Marty, an attractive young woman who is experienced in adult vices; Jan, a romantically frustrated and homely girl with a voracious appetite; and Betty Rizzo, the cynical alpha female leader how she had a brief love affair the summer before, which ended with unresolved love.

In describing the fling, Sandy focuses on Эти ruby casino no deposit bonus codes 2013 Вот romance, while Danny exaggerates to the other Burger Palace Boys Doody, a young and innocent musician; Roger, a sardonic fast food aficionado known by the rest of the cast only as "Rump;" Dominic "Sonny" LaTierri, a trouble-making wannabe womanizer; and Kenickie, the group's tough-guy auto enthusiast regarding the physical aspects of their relationship " Summer Nights ".

The Pink Ladies soon after realize that Sandy's summer fling was the same Danny Zuko that attends Rydell High and arrange for the two to bump into each other at school; the resulting meeting is tense and awkward, as Danny had previously told Sandy that he attended a private academy and does not want to admit to the Burger Palace Boys that she was the woman he was talking about. Shortly afterwards, the teenagers gather in the hall as Doody, the youngest Burger Palace Boy, shows off his new guitar.

The rock star wannabe gives an impromptu concert in the hall " Those Magic Changes ". At Marty's pajama party, the girls experiment with wine, cigarettes, and pierced ears; and talk about boys. That same night, the Burger Palace Boys are busy stealing casino madrid reminds me of you and teasing Kenickie about his "new" used car, Greased Lightning. An unfazed Kenickie firmly believes that with some upgrades, the car will be a racing-worthy chick magnet " Greased Lightnin' ".

Danny sees Sandy again at her cheerleader practice, and tries to apologize for his behavior. Head cheerleader Patty Simcox interrupts and flirts with Danny. Patty informs Danny that track try-outs are nearing, and Danny tells Sandy that he will join the track team to prove that he is sophisticated. The Burger Palace Boys and Pink Ladies take their source portable radios for a picnic in the park.

Danny reveals to the rest of the greasers that he has joined the track team, much to their dismay and skepticism. After Roger and Jan bicker about food, drink and emerald casino triathlon, she asks him how he earned the nickname Rump; he explains here, as "King of the Mooners," he has a hobby of baring his backside to unsuspecting victims, in the process, both reveal their affections for each other "Mooning".

Sandy, working on a biology assignment with Eugene, comes in just as the greasers finish making fun of her, attacks Rizzo in a fit of rage and erroneously assumes Danny is the one behind the mockery.

Furious, she tells Casino madrid reminds me of you that she wishes she never met him and storms out of the picnic. Danny shrugs off Sandy's negative response, and the greasers pair off for the upcoming sock hop. Danny teases Marty for not having a date recommending Eugeneand the greasers all laugh, declaring that they will be friends no matter what "We Go Http:// It is the night of the school dance where everyone is having fun dancing in the gym "Shakin' At the High School Hop".

Sandy is at home by herself, listening to the radio and crying over how much she misses Danny "It's Raining on Prom Night". Meanwhile, Kenickie comes into the dance with his date, Cha-Cha DiGregorio, a sexually provocative girl from a different school known as Saint Bernadette's. The MC Vince Fontaine, an enthusiastic radio disc jockeybegins the hand jive dance contest, and everyone eagerly participates as he tags the contestants out "Born to Hand Jive".

In the end, Danny and Cha-Cha are the winners. Amongst the awards given to the couple, Danny receives two just click for source drive-in movie tickets. In the Broadway revival, this scene continues: Sandy shows up at the dance shortly after the awards are handed out. The attendees are leaving, and Danny does not notice Sandy casino madrid reminds me of you he exits the room.

Sandy cannot stop thinking about Danny despite how he has treated her " Hopelessly Devoted to You ". The boys are armed with an "arsenal" of household items and reveal that, to their surprise, Cha-Cha was casino madrid reminds me of you girlfriend of someone in the Burger Palace Boys' rival gang, the Flaming Dukes.

Danny sprints into the scene, wearing a track suit after having joined the Rydell track team, to the disapproval and confusion of the other Burger Palace boys. Danny turns down their urgent invitation to the Flaming Dukes rumble due to time conflicts with a track race, which he sprints off to. The three remaining Burger Palace Boys go into the Burger Palace for a snack before the fight, and Frenchy laments at what to do with her life, having casino madrid reminds me of you out of beauty school in frustration at failing all of her classes.

“You’re telling me that using the word ‘Oriental American’ is a slight?” Francesa asked. Experience the three-part journey here.

The Addams Family is about family though casino madrid reminds me of you Thanksgiving is about family well in the U. The Addams Family is a group of macabre, gothic, and possibly nigh invulnerable family who enjoy such wholesome pastimes as sword fighting, casino madrid reminds me of you throwing, torturing their siblings, keeping lions as pets, and reveling in the forces of darkness.

In this adaption, Uncle Fester shows up on their doorstep with amnesia after having disappeared for decades. You can watch several episodes legally on youtube here.

The original series is also all available on Netflix as of this recording. The movies themselves The Addams Family and its sequel The Addams Family Values can be easily obtained usually in a fairly cheap combo pack. On a random note, during this episode Melanie was wondering if the boy who played the human version of Casino kritik which also starred Christina Ricci grew up to be a hot man.

During the podcast she was unable to find a picture, but I was able to find one now. And the answer is yes, he DID grow to be a hot man. A fact that always confused me, when we would watch the t.

I really liked all of the things from the series that kept, like never showing the pet lion.

And being this web page guy born in the eighties, and being a big geek, I had a huge crush on Christina Ricci. Too bad it seems to me, anyway to play mostly addicts. Oh I hated Addams Family Reunion! Ghost World was at least interesting… There was a werewolf movie she was in that was fun.

She seems to be a bit like Johnny Depp in that she cherry casino restaurant duisburg ziegenpeter her roles so she can play odd characters. I guess she likes the challenge? Hmm, I hope you get an email notification of my casino madrid reminds me of you. She plays the sex addled girlfriend of Justin Timberlake, who is a surprisingly good actor, who is cured by Sam Jackson and the blues.

That was Scarlet Johannson and Thora Birch. Any chance you might do the sequel too? And I adored Wednesday Addams too. Good thing they euro palace casino withdrawal Angelica Houston for the role of Morticia and not Cher.

She just gives the character a special classy something. Speaking of her, how about a review of The Witches? Anyway, source episode and love the new website.

So maybe in January? I was watching clips of Addams Family Values on youtube and I got the itch to want to watch it. Its my favorite of the two. The thanksgiving play in that one is brilliant.

I forgot about that one. I think I only saw it once as a kid. Witches scared the shit out of me as a kid! It makes a good rewatch. Another good weird movie with her in it is Choke.

Really enjoyed this podcast guys, you are going from casino madrid reminds me of you to strength.

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